“Amateur Sports Photographer”

Update from 2022: Coming back to revise my older posts is such a fun journey. From amateur sports photographer to full-time media professional! To see how I have come in this small amount of time is crazy!

“You seem good with a camera, you should photo some matches”

The first time I realized that sports photography would become a passion of mine, I didn’t even consider it an option for me. Since the tender teenage age of 14, I have had an interest in photography, but never been too serious, snapping pictures at horse shows and of my cats. It wasn’t until my first year at Aberystwyth University that I became heavily involved in the idea of sports photography.

Starting off as a real amateur sports photographer, still finding my feet with settings and handling the manual control on my old Canon 450D, I managed to find ways of capturing sports via the university archery club. Looking back on the start of it all I find myself holding my teeth in a cringe-like fashion, did I really think that this was good? Moreover, I am astonished that my friends thought I was that good. But, from that point, I improved and branched out to more and more sports with the help of my beloved friends and supporters. Seriously don’t know if I could have done it on my own.

Where it all began

Most of the time I would be approached with “You seem good with a camera, you should photo some matches.” or “I see you have a camera, fancy coming to take pictures of our games.” To begin with, it seemed hard working with people I didn’t know or even let them know what I was and where they could even see my work.

excerp of archery gb magazine of my photography. "Amateur Sports Photographer"

This perseverance paid off and in 2015 I managed to have my first published work in Archery GB magazine of some Clout competition photos I had taken of Aberystwyth and Bangor University, a result that I could only have dreamed of! I had been emailing publications with images and little stories of the sports for a few months previous and seeing this at my local archery range made the endless emails worth every moment. It began the turn of my serious hobby to the idea of a serious career.

Within the University itself, I have had a lot of opportunities for practice and getting my name out there with the large sporting events they offer such as their internal Super teams and the external Aber 7s tournament. Aber 7s 2016 treated me very well, with the Students Union naming me their official photographer for the weekend, only emphasizing my passion for sports photography. This is also apparent with sports teams themselves including the opportunities to travel with Tarannau Cheerleaders to Birmingham and with the University Equestrian team to Anglesey.

What Now?

I intend to post updates on my experiences as an amateur sports photographer, working with University teams, shadowing professionals, and general camera isms I’ve learned!

A quick thank you to everyone who has supported me so far and helped me get to where I am today, even if I have been unbearable for the last three years!

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