My Holiday in Normandy

Over the last few weeks, nothing really has happened on this blog as I’ve been living it up in the beautiful French countryside. Due to the nature of my holiday, I didn’t really take many horse or sport-related photos but plenty of landscapes. So I give to you my first landscape and holiday post!

I am fortunate to have access to such a beautiful part of France, thanks to my parents who are in the process of moving out there. Over the last two weeks, I’ve been exploring the more tourist scenes in my area including beautiful viewpoints, waterfalls, beaches and old buildings.

Usually, I am expecting to spend my time in Normandy under my umbrella or huddled up in a thick jacket, like the weather I find back in Wales, but this summer seems to be an exception with temperatures soaring into the 30s, and the sky being marbled by fluffy white clouds.

view of la Manche department from Mortain Bocage

My Holiday in Normandy

This first shot is from the top of the hill of La Petite Chapelle looking out towards the East. Used as a vantage point during World War II, it is easy to see how flat and green the landscape is, even seeing out to Le-Mont-Saint-Michel on the left-hand side of the photo.

Not being a landscape or nature photographer, I’ve always had difficulty of finding the best settings for these scenes. For this, I used ISO 100 f9.0 and a shutter of 1/320. Working with subjects all summer, was a nice alternative to relax in my photography and draw in the colours and shapes around me. In this photo particularly, the lines of the horizon, trees and road really grasp my attention and make the photo in my opinion.

Le mont saint michel in the summer

Le Mont Saint Michel

The most photographed monument in Northern France, and world heritage site Le-Mont-Saint-Michel sits in an estuary between Normandy and Brittany. This medieval abbey attracts an incredible amount of people, tourists, locals and monks alike. This photo happens to be my favourite landscape photo I’ve taken to date.

Again I shot with an ISO of 100 f9.0 and shutter of 1/320. I love how the abbey seamlessly rises up from the fields of sheep and the winding sand of the estuary to the towering spire of the golden Saint-Michel perched in the azure sky.

port en bessin in summer


The last photo I wanted to share is another blue beauty, this time of the harbour wall of Port-en-Bessin. Another beautiful French Port town is famous for its shellfish and its beach that is made up of scallop shells. I think I spent an hour taking pictures of the shells and the small town. I definitely recommend spending half a day there.

Again I was blessed with beautiful weather and a crystal clear sea that stretched into a beautiful aquamarine, broken up by boats and the odd seabird. If you look down the coast from this town to the west you’ll be able to see Arromanches-Les-Bains. Home of Gold Beach with the iconic Mulberry harbour still visible 70 years after its creation. Just another one of the reasons to visit Normandy!

Alas, until next time, keep snapping and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!

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