Photography Tips #6: New Season, Same Settings

Now that the ferocious partying of freshers has passed, it’s time to get back into the swing of things at university and knuckle down for my final year of my undergrad. This term I’ll be working with more sports teams and hopefully more events and spill all the beans on my experiences!

Starting off early with Activities week I followed Tarannau, the American football and cheer team at Aberystwyth University both partaking in the sports and taking photos.

IMG_4530-9 copy.jpg

To kick start the year most sports teams instigate taster sessions to attract new members as well as refresh existing members from the summer off. Being a spectator and participant of drills and practise actually has helped me understand the sport better as well as give myself a chance to get back at it with the camera.


With my summer being primarily shooting outdoors, it’s a nice change to be heading back indoors to follow sports such as archery, netball and cheerleading, and in some ways more relaxing as I won’t have the constant fear of lighting changes and the dangers that normally coincide with outdoor sports. With the slower pace of some indoor sports it’ll also give a great opportunity to be more creative, crackdown on actually getting lower or higher angles and also follow my unwritten rule of 45 degrees.

My general settings for shooting sports currently on my canon 6d are as follows:

  • Tv priority
  • Auto ISO  set up to 6400
  • shutter speed over 1/200
  • Aperture not exceeding f/6.0

Lets get this term off to a great start, thanks for reading and have a great day!

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