Snapshots #4: Horsing About Again

It is so good to be back in the arena with horses dancing round you. Equine photography has got to be a major passion of mine, and any event has reinforced this. As part of the university, Aberystwyth University Equestrian, AUE, have two riding teams A and B which compete in dressage and show jumping at home and away at various venues and on various horses. This year I’ll be travelling with them as a photographer which is a great experience for myself as well as fantastic news for them, as who doesn’t love a good action shot?


I went along to the team tryouts, to get my eye back in and also for people to see themselves riding. As it was a relaxed day of riding, chatting and chilling with the horses, i took the opportunity to think outside my photo-minded box and take more candid photos of the horses and riders, as well as the standard straight leg and stretch in gaits.


What also made a massive difference for me is this venue. Lluest is the University stables and recently they changed the arena floor from a dull mulch to a light wax based sand. As its a lot lighter being cream rather than brown, the lighting is absolutely phenomenal and highlights the beautiful movement in an almost under-lighting.

In my previous posts I’ve always said to focus on main elements of gaits and angles, ear forward and preferably with the rider smiling, but sometimes it’s nice to just take pictures. Saying this, it is always good to practise as well and get the shots spot on so the next time you can relax more and enjoy the shoot. Like this horse below.


Look out for more equine photos throughout this academic year! And if you want to see the full tryout album you can find it here.

As always, thanks for reading and have another fantastic day!

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