Bar 46 New Bar in Aberystwyth

This isn’t my usual type of Blog post, but I just wanted to set a few things straight.

Aberystwyth is notoriously known for its pub scene boasting an impressive number of pubs for a small coastal town, but finally, a bar has opened that is perfect for everyone including sports teams.

It’s hard for social sports clubs to go watch sports in pubs in town, as most pubs are mainly locally orientated and usually costly. Bar 46 not only offers a range of draught beers and cider but also several large screens with various sports. Not only that, there are plans to expand and offer even more sports to become a true sports establishment.

Bar 46 New Bar in Aberystwyth

As the bar is newly opened and still has some work to go, the atmosphere gives a raw energy that is new and exciting, and certainly refreshing, especially for Aberystwyth. The walls offer a range of textures and colours, with raw wood paneling, contemporary wallpaper, and exposed lighting, giving Aberystwyth the modern feel that it has been sorely missing. With the ongoing work, the bar just screams potential and I among many others am excited to see what the owners have planned.

The owners themselves were and are an integral part of Aberystwyth University so not only have a fantastic understanding and know-how of the town and students, but also know the fundamental needs and requirements, and Bar 46 has been created to fill the void. Lewis and Delun are also very open and honest people who want to hear opinions and feedback to improve and give the people their cake, or in this instance 2 for 1 cocktails.


What’s on Offer?

The bar itself offers a great range of alcohol. From standard lagers on tap, carling, and coors. To beer and cider not offered on tap anywhere else in Aber, such as Rekorderlig Cider, Wolf Rack, and Doom Bar Amber Ale. All the Draughts are under £4 for a pint so are friendly to the wallet. They also stock a great range of bottles including IPAs, fruit ciders, lagers, and alcopops.

Impressive so far right? There is also an amazing selection of spirits and cocktails. The best part? The cocktails are 2 for £10. They rival those at Libertines and Baravin, so it is worth the walk to the bar just for that.


As I do technically work here, you may think of me as biased. All the bar staff is great friendly people and create such a lovely atmosphere. Personally, I hate it when I’m in a bar and the bar staff acts like they don’t want to be there. All my colleagues I’ve spoken to say they don’t want their shifts to end as it’s so enjoyable.

I’m not usually one for that “sesh” life. But this bar, whether I’m working or out with the girls puts a pleasant bar/club atmosphere on the word. The bar has space for live music and DJ sets, which last Wednesday night was pretty damn awesome.


To check out this bar find it on Facebook here.

As always, thanks for reading, and have another fantastic day and night!


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