Lifestyle Review: Formula 10.0.6

A couple of weeks ago I had a great opportunity to work and gain press access to the Clothes Show 2016 at the NEC in Birmingham. Whilst I was there I had luck to run into the Formula 10.0.6 team that gave me a few of their products to review. And after a couple of weeks of using them, here is what I have found…


Formula 10.0.6 are a company that uses natural products, making them a vegetarian company that is free from animal testing. Each product is uniquely designed and packaged clearly stating their individual uses.

The products I’ve been focusing on are the Best Face Forward, the best selling product, So Totally clean and Pores be Pure.

Usually I’m quite bad with my skincare routine, always seeming to accidently leave last nights make up on and doing the lazy thing of just reapplying eyeliner and mascara over the top or layering on some powder foundation. In effort to change things around to make the most out of these products I let my face rest out of make up for a couple of days then begin my 2 week review of Formula 10.0.6 products.

I am prone to getting painful angry red skin rashes due to medication side effects so finding products that don’t antagonise this is difficult. Formula 10.0.6 are based with natural ingredients, something I am always keen on trying to give my face a break.

Best Face Forward
“For clear skin, get the obvious solution. Best Face Forward. This fresh, foaming gel cleanser washes away oil and impurities. It helps your skin look clean, clear and healthy every day.”

You only need a miniscule drop of this gel to get your face covered in the foamy scrub. It is easy to apply once you get the measurements right and smells divine. The natural ingredients of green tea, passionfruit and chamomile really cleansed my skin.

After several days of use I noticed a difference in my face, my cheeks especially look a lot healthy and lighter. This daily scrub has also made my face feel healthier and less angry, making my mornings a little easier especially when I need to wear make up.

Due to the nature of my skin I can thoroughly recommend this product to anyone with sensitive or acne prone skin.

Unlike over skin scrubs, this doesn’t contain microbeads meaning that the environment doesn’t have to suffer for your facial needs.

Another great bonus about this product is it s affordable and available at Boots for only £8.99. The tube it comes in will last around a month if used correctly working out as only 30p per use!


So Totally Clean

“Clogged pores are the pits. Get them So Totally Clean by applying product to a cotton pad and gently wiping the dirt, oil and impurities away. Sweep over face and neck (no eyes, please). Don’t even bother rinsing, you’re all clean. The proof is in the pad. Check it out.”

This is a great product. I used this to begin with an realised how awful my make up remover actually is and how dirty I let my face get even with my skin condition. Maybe it’s time to properly take my makeup off at night and clean out my skin more often!

This is very easy to use, literally just with a cotton pad all over your face. It doesn’t feel chemically or scratchy like other cleansing products.

Again this product is available in Boots for £8.99.


Pores be Pure

“Seeking Clarity? Search no more. Pores Be Pure is the skin-clarifying mud mask that helps to eliminate impurities and clear blocked pores. With the help of Strawberry, Yarrow and Rosemary, Pores Be Pure provides your skin with instant complexion perfection.”

This happens to be my favourite out of the three products I have reviewed so far. It is very light weight, easy to apply and does what it says on the box.

The smell of Strawberry and Yarrow makes my stomach crave strawberry cheesecake, but leaves my face smelling fresh and fruity in the fragrant way rather than the food way.

I’ve used this 3 times a week to purify skin along with the other products and it has made a remarkable difference to the redness of my skin and the prominence of my rash.

All three products have given me a little confidence boost with my face as well as confidence of wearing make up without worrying too much about the affect on my face.

To see more of the products go here, and head instore to Boots to try it for yourself!

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