Vegan January (ish)

You may have seen posts floating about saying go vegan this January, like a dry october, but with a vegan diet.
There is a massive astigmatism with Veganism and I also judge people quite harshly who go around saying to anyone who will listen that they are vegan. I also do not like people who seem it fit to lecture you on their opinions of wearing leather or eating any animal products.

So why try it yourself? Well I am mainly doing a vegan diet to see how a properly managed vegan diet can affect my health physically and mentally as well as look at my local area and how it caters towards these diets. As  someone who already ahs to be careful of what they eat due to lactose intolerance, I don’t think its going to be as challenging as it’s made out to be.

If you want to keep updated on my Vegan experience, I am planning to write up all my recipes and how well they go as well as vlog about it over the next few weeks so keep posted for links, cringey pictures and videos and (fingers crossed) awesome food!

Happy New Year!


One response to “Vegan January (ish)”

  1. OMG I stumbled across your blog somehow and I love it!! It’s so good💕


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