Bad Life Decisions: Vegan January

After just a couple of weeks into the vegan January experience I’ve had to call it off. The diet change has made me particularly ill and unfortunately means I can’t continue as I planned.

However in my time of vegan meals I’ve discovered a few things that has made me come to respect the vegan community a bit more.

  • 1 – It’s very difficult in today’s society

So looking round Tesco for affordable vegan meals took twice the time as a usual shop. The things you don’t usually think about containing animal produce somehow does contain it as a preservative or as a flavouring. Flapjacks for instance, that’s just oats and syrup right? Wrong. It has condensed milk and milk based flavouring. It doesn’t need to be that convoluted!

  • 2 – It’s not cheap

As a student on an exceedingly tight budget I like to try and make the pennies go as far as possible. The budget stuff however contains again the unnecessarily animal ingredients that are under 1%. You can’t get away from it unless you make everything yourself from scratch. This again means buying separate fresh ingredients that are perishable and usually more expensive. True it is healthier for you but costly on a tight student budget.

  • 3 – It’s a lot more effort

Due to the nature of buying separate food this leads on nicely to my next point. Preparation and Effort for meals is extended. Instant food is for the carnivore and now the vegetarian, but vegans are still in the dark with a selection of cheap microwave meals or oven easy meals. Quorn have come out with a new Vegan range, but again this still leads to extra prep.

  • 4 – Restaurants

Being a Vegetarian gives you limitations at restaurants. Being Vegan leaves you with maybe one choice of salad, but then that can’t be guaranteed as vegan as it doesn’t have the V approval. Or the Chef can’t guarantee the lack of animal ingredients. But go to a Vegan friendly restaurant and the prices shoot up. It’s either a lettuce leaf for an okay price or a meal for a month of rent.

Some bad things I noticed with the Vegan Diet

  • Taking Vitamins and Minerals

If you aren’t doing the diet properly properly and not measuring out the proteins, carbs and fibre properly vitamin and mineral tablets won’t help you. Without the right intake of all these your body is going to start to disagree with you. I’m sure there are many people out there who are okay with this diet but my body disagrees completely.

  • Drastic weight loss

I’m not the skinniest or the fattest of people, but I noticed a deterioration after a week. I feel less energised and less motivated. I have definitely noticed weight loss even without weighing myself as my once right fitting jeans are too big.

  • More snacking

I am not a snacking person but with this diet I am not satisfied with my meals and find myself eating more snack food throughout the day. I’m not okay with this.

Health Benefits?

Personally i didn’t notice any. If anything it’s made my RA a bit worse, I feel less motivated and good about myself and constantly drained. I think it’s time to get back to the chicken stock soup and get my health back up to speed.


Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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