Archery series #1: Back at it with the Bow

After what it seems like years of not doing archery, I am back. To kick it off with a WAA18 competition with no practise, little recollection of what I was supposed to be doing and the familiar ache of unused back muscles.

Much to my surprise my muscles hadn’t forgotten completely what I was supposed to be doing and it wasn’t long until I was drawing back into my old habits. This including my inability to breathe and actually think about what I’m supposed to be doing and then just punching the arrow out. And even more so to my surprise I managed to beat the competition and end up not only in the placing ranks but getting gold! Something I am most unfamiliar with, settling at my best with silver in competitions.

It’s hard to remember sometimes that archery is a sport as it’s quite static. But that doesn’t mean you should not avoid warm up or regular practise as the muscles soon go as they aren’t used in day to day life, unless pulling a bow is the motion you use in pouring the kettle.

I look forward to the rest of the season now with BUCS, a number of different rounds and of course just general practise!


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