Archery Series #2: Vegas Baby!

Yes I have finally decided to go straight back at it, right into the deep end of Archery. So not just starting off with a WAA18 a couple weeks ago but also with the events of last weekend. We travelled up to Sheffield to compete in the Northern Qualifier for BUCS and the following day shoot at Castle Archers again, this time with a Vegas round.

BUCS as always consists of a Portsmouth round. This is a typical round of 60 arrows shot at 20m at a 60cm face, or a trispot if you shoot compound. I have shot a fair number of Portsmouth in my time as an archery across a range of bow styles, settling with compound as a firm favourite. Over the last 3 years I have competed 3 times in BUCS, with this year and the year previous being under the ladies compound category and each time getting no where near my Personal Best.

This event usually brings the best university archers from across the country so the usual competition of a mix of novices and experienced is replaced with a high competitive air. However, as archery is such an individual sport, there is no ill will or space for obnoxiousness. There is always at least one person who does have the unagreeable pretentious attitude, but that it submerged by the amount of good sportsman and kindness shown by the rest of the competitors.  Unfortunately for me this year I suffered an equipment failure which saw my arrow rest lose its spring and breaking causing me to miss a couple of ends in my efforts to fix it. Luckily I was rushed with people to help me out which sped up processes as well as calming me down.

I can’t express my gratitude enough to the rest of the people on my target who put up with my stress of equipment failure as well as my stress of shooting my missing arrows on the line and being helpful and friendly.

After the 3 hours of the shoot the scores were in and unfortunately I shot overall inconsistently with the pitiful score of 503/600. However this gives me another thing to work on and a score to beat next time I shoot a portsmouth.

Photo courtesy of Malcom Rees

The following day after a long adventure back to Aberystwyth, We ventured south to Newcastle Emlyn for a Vegas round.

Being more of a novelty round a Vegas usually consists of a triangular 40cm trispot labelled 1, 2, 3. The aim is to shoot the corresponding arrow into the target so arrow 1 in target 1 etc. With a sighted bow so compound or recurve it is relatively easy as you have the ease of a sight or scope. Barebow it is a lot harder and takes a higher skill.

Last Vegas round I shot barebow I came away of an incredible score of 54/600. I was so pleased whenever my arrows got on the paper at this point so even more amazed when that score gave me 3rd place in that particular competition!

This Vegas round however I was shooting compound with the aim of beating a score of 450 but ideally breaking the 500 mark. Unlike the day before my shooting was relatively consistent with more than 2 10s being scored. The shoot ended badly however with my last 6 arrows being below 8 meaning that my aim to break 500 fell only 2 points short!

I enjoyed the shoot and intend to get my eye back into trispot shooting, especially after coming away with another gold medal.


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