The Day My Camera Died

I love being a university sports photographer. True, the work is mainly for little or no money but it does give me the opportunity to travel around as well as learn more about sports I previously had no or wrong misconceptions of. Thats university for you in general though, giving you the life experience and maturity you need to be a real adult. (cry)
This week was planning to be a busy week for me with Cheerleading all day Sunday followed by another equestrian BUCS competition on the wednesday. So what better time to have your beloved camera die on you.

Sunday had a horridus morning start pre 6am, which is a jailable offence in my opinion. The travel to Birmingham was fraught with excitement as cheerleading competitions happen to be one of my favourite things to take pics of. The glitter, the smile, the stunts… what more can a girl want. (apart from a pony). Everything was going well after the first performance from Tarannau until….The dreadful words that come up on screen. “No card in camera.” Sure an easy fix, get another card. The card doesn’t go in. Panic. I don’t know how many forums and websites I visited in desperation on free wifi on my cracked phone screen in frantic desperation hoping my camera was not facing the technical card reader fault I would need a camera adult to fix. Alas it came to no avail. He was dead to me.

All was not lost! As I seem to have the best family in existence who came to the rescue in the form of a canon 550d. Now its not a 6d in many, many ways but it is a DSLR.


Shot on my 6d the blacks are black, the lines are crisp the light is beautiful. I could use a 70-200mm lens with no problem.


I struggled more with the lighting with the 550d as well as not being able to use the zoom offered y the 70-200mm having to take a step back to my usual lens of 24-105mm. This compromised the aperture by a few stops but I was still able to take pictures!
Alot more editing was needed in post production, but looking back its given me an important lesson to not be complacent with my camera settings as well as appreciating the quality the 6d can achieve. And shutter speed!

FPS is a thing that I wasn’t too aware about until this and you need those extra fast clicks to really get the action you want. This was tested with the show jumping photography I did on the Wednesday, relying more on counting and relying on my own timings than that of the slow shutter of the 550d.


Again with this day, the lighting was a challenge so in post production I got more artsy with my edits to try and wash out the fact the images were painfully uncrisp and lacking in definition.

Good News though! Due to the untimely injury of the 6d it has reminded me of the importance of a spare camera, so I am investing in a 7dii. Even better news, the 6d was repairable and again my family is amazing and got it all sorted for me! Mainly because I was a mess as I love my camera more than life itself.

Keep posted for more updates, trials and tribulations!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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