Archery Series #3: String, Nose…

Again with the Archery! To be fair, it is a sport that I am improving in readily, and learning more and more as I go along. When I first picked up a bow I didn’t see myself being intrigued in archery forums and articles in sports magazines, but now I am a true archery nut.

I am a compound archer now, so the more technical the equipment I have, the more I have been reading into technique and different types of form, anchor, the importance of a draw length and draw weight. One thing that really sticks to me as a compound archer is back tension.

Back tension release is supposedly a method that minimises the anticipation of the arrow release. For myself I tense and hope that I don’t clip my ear with the trigger. I realise this is mainly due to the hand trigger I have and my draw length. In many forums and articles I’ve noticed the correlation of shortening the draw length to get a more successful back tension release. This is not always the case. For my bow, draw length can be adjusted inch by inch. Currently I’m happily sat at 26″ with my anchor point being on the side of my face, thumb under my chin.



My anchor point as you can see already squishes my nose and does allow me to roll back into a back tension release. However, with back tension release you keep pulling your back muscles and hope the release will trigger at the same point each time like its supposed to. I unfortunately feel this is chancery and I am always shocked when the arrow finally flies at the target. This usually ends up with me clipping my hair or ear making me jump even more than usual.



At 20 yards my back tension release is sort of showing some improvement but at the same time it’s not the grouping I’ve been getting with using the release as a usual trigger with a small amount of back pressure.It is something to work on over time, and hopefully with several hours of practise a week I’ll improve and get less scared of my back muscles.

On another note: I made it to BUCS finals!!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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