Archery Series #4: Worcester, Double Worcester

Being back with relatively frequent practises and competitions in archery, brings me to doing all sorts of rounds, not just the standard portsmouth we all grow to have a love/hate relationship with. This weekend gave me the opportunity to shoot one of my favourite barebow rounds, but this time with my trusty compound. The Worcester round.


Differing from a usual indoor round of 3 arrows per end for 10-20 ends, the Worcester round uses 5 arrows per end for 12 ends with the total being out of 300. The scoring is different too, with the highest central value being 5 and working it’s way out to 1 (above left). What makes it more exciting for compound is instead of a central target face, the compound is given a 5-spot, offering the score of X, 5 and 4 (above right).

To be completely honest all my practises have been at pins recently trying to focus on correcting my form and getting into the back tension, string, nose, release game, so the thought of a 5 spot I have never shot at before became a little daunting. Even with this aspect however I really enjoyed the shoot. I enjoyed it so much I did the morning and afternoon session making the single Worcester into a double Worcester. (Double means two consecutive shoots of the same round, it goes for other rounds as well such as Portsmouth.)


In this competition, the Worcester is split into 2 ends of 6, the first 6 ends being shot at the top target (Details A and C) and the latter 6 ends shot at the bottom target. (Visa Versa for details B and D). This aspect is a little more challenging but certainly heats up the competition as the sighters only allow you to shoot at the first target with no secondary sighters to shoot at the lower (or higher) target.

The Morning shoot (Top) I gained the score of 267, placing me second overall, only 5 points behind the leader! (If I hadn’t missed!).
The Afternoon shoot (Bottom) I was starting to tire and got the overall score of 259, not fantastic but giving me the overall double score of 526. This score is good enough to give me the Dyfed County record as well as my Club Record for both Double and Single Worcester!

Morning Results
Very questionable maths by me
Afternoon session
Again, questionable maths

All in all I am super happy with my result as I know I can shoot better, giving me the target of getting over 275 next time I compete at Worcester.

Next weekend brings the BUCS finals in Bristol with a FITA 18 and a head to head. I am a little nervous!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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