Chronically Me #2: Betty Bunion Blues

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have some issues with my body I can’t help. Betty is one of those. Betty is my friendly melodramatic bunion. Unlike other people’s bunionic tendencies, Betty likes the colours red and black and no shade in between, often becoming the centre of foot attention.

I have been show shopping for my graduation and it’s taken me at least 4 hours and 10 websites to finally find a pair that have the potential to accommodate my little friend.
So Why is Betty a problem?
Betty is a severe foot deformity that usually needs an operation to fix. Unfortunately due to my RA the outcomes of the op may result in my big toe bone fusing to my foot bone with consequences as dire as not being able to run, dance or jump again. So I’m keeping Betty and my ludicrously bad dancing skills until she decides enough is enough and I need the op for life quality reasons and not cosmetic.
Let us embrace the bunion. As Betty is an ugly unwanted barnacle on my once model worthy feet. (I joke they have never been that nice).

Feet problems
All my feet problems stem from my bunion-anxiety. I fear for hot weather as out come the cute looking flipflops and sandals that Betty relishes in. I fear for shoe shopping in crowded places as Betty is a head turner and children are the cruelest of people. Even with my crafty Bunion sling and nude sock, the shape is unavoidable. In contrast, my right foot is normal, healthy (er), thin foot fitting into the usual high street shoes. Betty adds almost an inch to my left foot width meaning that conventional moulded shoes, *cough* high street heels *cough* just laugh at my futile attempts.
What makes it worse “Wide Fit” shoes mock the extra width, leaving me to despair in my small choice of size 9 sandal heels.

Shoe shopping is supposed to be one of those fun times with your girlfriends. I usually have to go alone. At the quietest point of the day as my anxiety of awkward looks and stupid comments about Betty get to me quite a bit. I do love myself, I can’t change the way I look, but it’s still hard when you are labelled as deformed and disgusting by strangers.

If you see a friend or a stranger with their own Betty, don’t stare, don’t make silly comments. Embrace the bunion life with them and stand up for them if you hear silly little comments. Don’t let Betty getty to you.

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