ConGRADulations (a Little Thanks)

Today is the start of a new chapter. I received the results that I would be graduating with a BSCEC II(1) [Second Class Honours, Division 1] in International Politics and Military History. it took me a little longer than most people due to illness, but I did it. Not only this, all my friends (who I care about) passed as well, meaning we are all making that leap of student to adult in the next few months, navigating the seas of graduate jobs, masters, pgces, or whatever floats our way.

What makes me even more ecstatic, is more of a personal achievement that came up on my student record under Notes. Successful Completion, Returned after period of withdrawal. Anything is possible. I had beaten myself up over completing this undergraduate course, convinced myself as a failure. Being mentally exhausted and broken to the point where I believed that I would be re sitting the whole thing again, the amazement of not only passing, but with a II(I) has only made it clear that I can do anything. And if I can do anything; anyone can do anything they put their mind to.

Today is a sunny day. Yes, it may be very overcast, questionably cold for June, but in my mind it is the brightest day of my year so far.

Thank you friends, families, lecturers, doctors and animals for putting up with me over this transitional period of awkward naive teen to semi-capable adult. If I could thank each and every person that has got this far I’d run out of blog space so y’all know who you are.

Onwards and Upwards.

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