Photography Tips #15: Basic Lighting Techniques

***This is just a basic introduction to lighting techniques and set up!***

Easily one of the most important elements of art, lighting is integral to any kind of photography.

3 point lighting

The standard lighting for everything photography and film.


The main light. If you are using 1 light then it is always the key light. Usually this is the strongest in the scene, and set at around 45 degrees to the subject.


The Secondary light. This is usually softer and set opposite the key light.


The third light, usually placed behind the subject. This highlights the outline and creates the 3d effect.

Split Lighting

This is quite self explanatory, having a split contrast between light and dark. This effect is usually created with a just a key light to highlight half of the subjects face.

Fill Lighting

Used with just two lights, the key and the fill, fill lighting is used to light a face of object fully.

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