9 Things Cheer Prepared me For in Life

So today I was thinking as a tower of menus almost hit me in the face, that I wasn’t too worried about the damage the leather bound menus would do to my face as cheerleading taught me that it’s okay to catch things with your face. And this got me thinking that cheerleading even though my spell as a cheerleader was brief, it equipped me with some peculiar  life skills….

  1. Lifting with a straight back
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    Yes we all hate the health and safety videos that are shown in certain working environments of the awkward people slowly picking up boxes with straight backs and the awful acting of how not to do, yet we still do it whatever way we chose?
    Well that all changed when you change the box for a person. Some boxes are heavy and well not really worth much so who cares if you look like a mess carrying a box? With people it’s a bit different and well, they rely on you and your proper technique to stay safe up in the air.  As well as not hurting yourself or causing a permanent injury. (Plus it works your thighs and bum out so thats a hidden bonus….)
  2. Teamwork makes the dreamwork
    “You are as strong as your weakest player”
    Well it’s true. If you have someone in your work environment who isn’t working as hard as the others or just isn’t as good at the job as others (it may even be you) You just have to learn to be patient or even share your knowledge and skills to make the team grow.
  3. Being hit in the face isn’t that bad
    After a while it gets boring. Seriously after the first few times of using your face as a cushion for a falling person it does get a bit old.
  4. Catching falling objects is second nature
    Something thats not exactly a life skill but can get very handy at times.
  5. Positive energy
    Things are more exciting, more energised and just better with a shit eating grin on your face. I don’t know if its just me but being super happy and enthusiastic at the task at hand even if it is literally the worst job known to man, it makes it better.
  6. Wearing spanx no matter what your attire
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    Awkward in skirts or dresses? Just wear spanx. Or running shorts. They give all the confidence.
  7. You can do anything with time and practice
    Looking to get more flexible? Put in in time and effort and you can get a perfect split in 2 weeks. You can go from handstand to walkover with repetition. So in theory you can just keep practising something you want to do and you will get it. Just keep your eye on your goal and don’t underestimate yourself.
  8. F***ing up is okay
    It’s part of learning. It’s bound to happen and if falling on your face isn’t a great way of learning, then trying not to let that happen again will surely make you stronger. If you don’t fail how do you know what winning truly feels like. That leads nicely to my next point.
  9. Winning isn’t everything
    Getting a nice shiny trophy is great, but personal goals are more attainable and more worth while. Make and break your own achievable goals as there is always someone who is going to be better than you. (I’m still working on this one as I am super competitive.)Thanks for the read, have an awesome day!Links to my sites:

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