I Finished a Sketchbook! (And showing you the best bits)

It finally happened. I finished a sketchbook on my own! It only took me a year and a half, but from start to finish it has been a wild ride of sketches, painting and planning.

A lot of my graphic design sketches I tend to do in lined notebooks so I can write around it neatly. I also don’t use a ruler most of the time so line guides are good for me when I’m design straight text of even curved text on logos. So unfortunately you won’t see any of my brain workings for logo or web design here!

To commemorate this achievement I’m sharing with the internet my favourite bits.

Great start. My general thoughts to Art is reflected in my very first drawing. Flowers are something I love to surround myself with, whether it is photo, drawings or the real thing.

This year I’ve found my love for fineliner drawing over graphite sketching, especially for extenuating natural lines and curves. Of course, there is always room to improve and grow.


However for skulls, I’ll stick to my 2H and F pencils as I love the finer thin lines and shading I can create with them.


Must admit my watercolour to begin with is something to be desired…. but I still have time to perfect my watercolour abilities. probably in winter when its not 30+ degrees!

A few little watercolour doodle/sketches. The tarot cards I hope to finish one day, but for now I lack the creative drive to complete more of them.

Trying to do many little sketches and studies has been something I’ve been doing more recent, especially with different mediums, such as chisel tipped pens, coloured pencils and of course ye olde pencil.


Aims for my next sketchbook:

*More fineline work on other subjects, not just plants!

*Watercolour people.

*Better faces on people

*Landscapes and Cityscapes around me in Ottawa.

*Have fun and learn from mistakes and critiques.


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One thought on “I Finished a Sketchbook! (And showing you the best bits)

  1. When I started learning to draw 4 years ago, I bought my first sketchbook. I was sure I was just throwing money away. I figured I’d give up after a week or two. Now, my sketchbooks are so precious to me! I love going back to look at the earliest ones, remembering how I felt drawing different things, remembering the drawings I was pleased with, laughing a bit at some of the not-so-good ones. Sketchbooks are collections of the moments of our lives. I make sure I always date each page, and I’m always scribbling notes to myself in my sketchbooks.

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