Chronically Me #7: Procrastinating

It’s been a while friends. The reason: procrastination. But not the laugh it off I’ll get to it kind of procrastination. The kind of procrastination that is constant and unproductive keeping me up to the small hours of the morning, as I have completely lost track on what time actually is, to pass out for a few hours, only to wake up, work and be too tired to do anything vaguely productive again. Honestly this has got me pretty down.

Well I am not going to lie here and mope. First I’m going to write this blog post and start my action plan of Procrasta-no-more.

The Problems

Screens, Games and my Phone.

I didn’t think I played too many video games on my laptop, but the games I do play normally take like an hour or two to be satisfied with any progress in them. App store games are completely pointless and mind numbing, and these become hella addictive. I do enjoy letting off steam by playing some games, especially when I can play online with friends in a weird hang-out MMORPG way or just by killing zombies with each other. Recently I checked my phone screen time and I do spend an abnormal amount of hours on these terrible phone games when I could be reading or writing, or just anything else really.

Step one.
Delete the useless phone games and hone down my laptop library of games. Don’t even think of playing games after 10pm.


Social Media

I honestly would delete Facebook if it wasn’t a mode of communication to my friends and family overseas. When browsing my internet history and phone screen time in research for this post, I noticed that Facebook isn’t the main offending social media here. To my suprise, Instagram is the main offender. In the month of August I spent a total of 65 hours looking at Instagram on my phone. That’s 30 hours more than how long I stared at Facebook on my phone. Other offenders in August also include VSCO and Youtube, two platforms I hardly ever post on. Quite honestly this needs to end as most of the time these online platforms make me sad as people are doing so much and I’m lying like a blobfish on my devices wishing I could be cool like that. AND I CAN BE!!

Step two.
Delete the apps I don’t use and add timers onto my screen time use to limit my screen usage. Also hide my phone during the day to avoid falling into the social media pit of despair.


Netflix and alike

I’m sorry it has come to this my dear friend Netflix, but the binging has got to go. There is nothing I am gaining or learning by watching hours on end of TV episodes and movies. Stand up comedy is supposed to make you laugh and smile, and I am lying here emotionless and unmoving. For background noise while I declutter, Netflix, I can live with, but I am currently a blobfish out of water, pretty melty and sad, and binging TV shows is just adding to my fervent sadness, by distracting me for literal hours on end. I say just one more episode and it is already 3am, bringing my bed time close to my getting up time. It is not healthy. It needs to stop.

Step three.
Only watch the shows I am watching with my S.O. If its 10pm, don’t start another show. If I have things to do, listen to a podcast instead that might give me some good learning.


The proof is in the pudding they say, and hopefully this will end my pudding-like phase of procrastination. If this whole bonanza works, then fingers crossed I’ll be happier and healthier with more energy. No one likes a negative friend, so let’s channel the Swiss flag from now on. (as thats a big plus.)


Thanks for reading and stay productive!

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