Canadian Things I Love #1: Hockey (Q&A post)

For those of you who didn’t know, I am a massive sports fan. My favourite sport to watch? Hockey. I’m not talking about the turf based game of women running around in skirts yelling at each other, I’m talking about grown men on ice with knives on their feet. Ice Hockey. 

And guess what.



Hockey in Canada is a big deal. All my fan friends take hockey serious and are so nice about it. Sure we smack talk each other, but there is nothing malicious about it. I’m honestly just happy to be able to share my enthusiasm about the sport with others.


Q&A section


Why Ice Hockey?

My love for watching ice hockey began back in university. Starting university led to me not sleeping. No idea why, but I had all this spare time of not sleeping to be productive in not really doing first year work, so trawling around the internet I began watching sports streams and one of them happened to be an NHL game. I’m no stranger to the ice hockey scene at this point, following the european leagues with the KHL and the swedish hockey leagues, but never had I considered about following the NHL. After some research, that may have consisted of looking at swedish players, I came across Colorado Avalanche and since then I have been a die hard Avs fan.


Did hockey sway my motivation to move to Canada?

In short no. If it did I doubt I would have moved to Ottawa, as no offence to them, the Senators aren’t that great. Also the stadium is a gruelling hour away from the downtown meaning you have to book off vacation time to even consider going to a game. (It is still worth it.) However, I did consider the fact that I could actually go to a bar and watch a live game of hockey, instead of being a recluse under my duvet watching 3am games. But I also did consider the fact that North America has maybe 5 time zones so hockey games can start at any point in the evening, giving me healthy hockey watching options.


Have you played Hockey?

No and I doubt I will with my ming vase bones. I have been given the go ahead to go all out this winter with skiing and skating from my doctor, so I will indeed endeavor to skate, but playing the game itself seems too dangerous for me. Maybe someday in the future if I magically get tougher, ice hockey will have to fight me to not play.


Why Colorado, have you been?

This is something I am asked all the time. No, I haven’t been to Colorado but one day I would love to save my pennies to eventually go out to Denver and see an Avs home game at the Pepsi centre (as well as a Broncos game). The team itself is aesthetically pleasing. Call me shallow, but you need to like the colours and logo of your sports team to support them. The players are just a happy bonus. I also enjoy the history of the Avs, being a team from Quebec that moved down to the rockies, winning their first season and trying again ever since.


How many games have you been to?

Only 2, but I plan on going to at least 50 more.


Any plans for Hockey this season?

Well I’d love to win my fantasy league but I have some very tough, serious competition. I also want to see the Canes and Avs play here in Ottawa!



Thanks for reading and have a FAB FALL!

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