Snapshots #19: Mer Bleue Bog

Betwixt the straight roads, scattered towns and confused moose in Eastern Ontario lies a bog. This bog is one of the biggest prehistoric bogs in Ontario, yet the people of Ottawa don’t really know much about it. I, of course, being the adventurous human that I am, and Canada having a distinct lack of castles, had to see the beautiful bog for myself. Was I disappointed? Heck no!

I brought along my Canon 6D with the incredible 24-70mm f/4.0 lens to get these landscape shots. All editing is done in Lightroom.

Scroll to see my favourite shots as well as some fun bog facts.



Mer Bleue Bog has been a World Heritage site since 1995. That is almost 25 years of peaty glory in the Ottawa Area.


Mer Bleue is an especially valuable example of a northern ecosystem, more typical of the Arctic than the Ottawa Valley,  and it has been designated an “internationally significant wetland under the United Nations’ Ramsar Convention”.


The bog is over 7,700 years old and hosts a wealth of rare species of fauna and flora due to the ericaceous nature of the peaty “deep sea” bog.


There is around 20 km worth of gorgeous trails, mainly on board walks giving the area an incredible unique trail.


The bog is an impressive 3500 hectares. Thats a big bog.








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