Snapshots #20: Boss dog’s Beach Adventure

November 2019. The weather in Normandy is typical of the season, being a deluge of rain, whipped around by vicious biting winds. Of course, this typical day happened to be my birthday, and we just had to go to the beach. Stuffing ourselves full of delectable Hamembert baguettes, (Ham and Camembert) in the safety of the car, we decided that since we made it to the beach, we better walk on it.


However, the weather had other ideas and we soon retreated to the warmth and safety of the car, in search of a public loo. Something that should have been easy to find in France.


A sudden lull in the weather, parted the clouds, offering us a majestic blue sky, a golden stretch of beach, and mighty crashing waves. The beach walk would happen.


But who can resist this beautiful boy? He stole all my attention and camera focus as he zoomed up and down the beach. This is of course Boss dog.


So the wet Normandy weather could not dampen our day’s plans, giving Boss a grand adventure on the beach, an adventure around the coast of La Manche for us, and a good day out in autumnal weather.

See you next time!




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