Garden in Springtime

I don’t want to mention the C-word here so here are some pictures from my garden! Well, my Garden in Springtime.

Springtime in the Garden

I used my own presets for these photos to boost the saturation, and at the same time give some muted accents and warmer tones to give it that summertime evening aesthetic.

It’s somewhat amazing how much plants can revitalize your mood, from the little peep of a sprouting seed in the greenhouse to the full-blown majesty of a blossoming flowerbed. Maybe it’s the blue spring sky here talking, but I feel at peace surrounded by the plants in my room and the greenery of the garden.


Tulips hiding between some daffodils and a rose bush.


A little obsessed with the peach blossom and the bees it’s bringing to the vegetable patch.


Hopefully, we will have many peaches when it comes to the peach season!


Daffodils are looking a little moldy now it’s April!


Magnolia will always be in my top 3 favourite flowers, they have the whole package or beauty, smell joie de vivre.


And who can forget the main stars of my garden stroll! Boss dog and Fifi kitten keeping me company both indoors and outdoors in these strange times!

I’d love to see everyone else’s plants


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