Annoville Dunes

Finding new places to visit and explore is one of my favourite things, and you may already know that if you follow my blog… This installment is up the coast of Manche, the Annoville Dunes.

View of the Ocean from the top of Annoville Dunes in La Manche, Normandy
Settings: Canon EOS 6D ISO 100 24mm f/4.0 1/800

Annoville Dunes

Annoville Dunes were the first classified dune site in France. The dunes overlook the beach which reveals oyster and mussel beds at low tide. The area, protected since 1995, extends over 11 hectares and erosion prevention actions now allow the development of fauna and flora specific to this type of environment.

Sandy path leading to the beach from the dunes at Annoville
Settings: Canon EOS 6D ISO 100 24mm f/4.0 1/800

Alike to the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, the dunes here have flora that is very specific to the area and therefore protected. Although you can’t see the mount on this beach, on a clear day you can see Jersey!

Storm coming over the beach
Settings: Canon EOS 6D ISO 500 24mm f/4.0 1/800

As far as the beaches go around this area, this beach is laden with shells, seaweed, and interesting beach combing goodies. Unfortunately, the weather turned pretty quickly so I was unable to explore the walks around here at length, but there seem to be many walking trails both on the dunes and beach.

Storm clouds out at sea
Settings: Canon EOS 6D ISO 100 24mm f/4.0 1/800

I love looking at the sea during rainy and stormy weather, but not getting stuck in it! Anywho, we are back on lockdown here in France, so for the next month my only excursions are for essential shopping and maybe dog walks. Stay positive guys and I’ll check in soon.


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