New Year Photo Challenge

Happy New Year! How are the resolutions going?

This year I decided to come up with a weekly photo challenge to keep myself on my toes photo wise this year and stay creative as 2020 just drained all creative energy from me… And I don’t want that to happen again so it is the perfect time to commit to creativity, the whole new year, new me thing.

The prompts are a mix of words to invoke a creative thought and technical things, this lets you use your full imagination for the challenge.

So let’s get started!

Share your pictures on instagram with the tag #brionymollypc2021

Week 1 Prompt: New Beginnings

Week 2 Prompt: Motivation

Week 3 Prompt: Myself

Week 4 Prompt: Blue

Week 5 Prompt: How 2021 is going so far

Week 6 Prompt: Looking Up

Week 7 Prompt: Reflection

Week 8 Prompt: Vintage

Week 9 Prompt: Lights

Week 10 Prompt: Looking Through

Week 11 Prompt: Routine

Week 12 Prompt: Wish

Week 13 Prompt: Relaxation

Week 14 Prompt: Close Up

Week 15 Prompt: Memories

Week 16 Prompt: Bokeh

Week 17 Prompt: Me, Myself and I

Week 18 Prompt: Inspiration

Week 19 Prompt: Rule of Thirds

Week 20 Prompt: Weather

Week 21 Prompt: Sanctuary

Week 22 Prompt: Inside

Week 23 Prompt: Green

Week 24 Prompt: Sunset

Week 25 Prompt: Happiness

Week 26 Prompt: Photographer’s Choice

Week 27 Prompt: Complementary

Week 28 Prompt: On a Theme

Week 29 Prompt: Golden Ratio

Week 30 Prompt: Flight

Week 31 Prompt: Low Angle

Week 32 Prompt: Crossing

Week 33 Prompt: Long Exposure

Week 34 Prompt: Metallic

Week 35 Prompt: Adventure

Week 36 Prompt: Serendipity

Week 37 Prompt: Sunrise

Week 38 Prompt: Outside

Week 39 Prompt: Leading Lines

Week 40 Prompt: Animal

Week 41 Prompt: Human

Week 42 Prompt: Red

Week 43 Prompt: Indulgence

Week 44 Prompt: Horizon

Week 45 Prompt: Tumultuous

Week 46 Prompt: Buildings

Week 47 Prompt: Black and White

Week 48 Prompt: Fancy

Week 49 Prompt: The Road

Week 50 Prompt: Thankful

Week 51 Prompt: The Dark

Week 52 Prompt: Self Portrait

Good luck!

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