Snapshots#26: Plage Saint Martin de Bréhal

The towns of Saint Martin de Bréhal, Bréhal and Coudeville sur Mer, share a stretch of golden sands north of Granville on the west coast of la Manche. The area is renowned for it’s shellfish, especially mussels and oysters. This particular beach is home to a few of these ocean farms, whose traditional methods stretch back generations.

Canon6d 105mm 1/1250 f/4.0 ISO400

The environment is perfect for a plethora of fauna and flora, most notably (for me) the great variety of shoreline birds and waders. With the sandy dunes leading up to the shoreline, you are bound to see many species of bird, from skylarks to barnacle geese, oyster catchers to stints and dunlins.

Canon6d 105mm 1/2500 f/4.0 ISO400

In Aquaculture for farming shellfish, there are three main methods, all of which are evident at this beach.

Canon6d 55mm 1/3200 f/4.0 ISO800
Canon6d 40mm 1/3200 f/4.0 ISO800

This area is perfect to visit all year round as a walking destination, equestrian spot as well as being a perfect beach in summer. Dogs are permitted during the off season and makes a great treat! (My dog rates this beach 11/10).

Canon6d 35mm 1/3200 f/4.0 ISO800

If you would like to know more about this historic place and other relevant places, head over the the tourism site for Normandie and Calvados!

Hopefully I can share more snapshots soon!

As always, thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!



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