One Photo Edited 5 Ways

To get some creative motivation back I set myself a challenge to edit a photo I have recently taken and do not like, and edit it in five different ways that are much more interesting.

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The original photo was taken at the Bay of Mont Saint Michel in Normandy.
Camera: Canon 6Dii
Settings: 1/160 F6.3 ISO400

Original Picture

There is so much I don’t like about this image. The focus, the composition, and the exposure all are wrong in my opinion, but with a little bit of Adobe magic, maybe something can come out of it.

Edit 1: Winter Mood

Edit 1: Winter Mood

For this wintery cold vibe, I wanted to create the impression of it being a dark and dreary day with high contrast. For this, I brought the contrast up and the highlights/shadows right down to make the stark contrast between light and dark. As the sky is overexposed I used a mask to dehaze the sky to give it some depth.

Edit 2: Just Before Golden Hour

Edit 2

Golden Hour edits are some of my favourite to do, and a challenge for this photo. Keeping it only to the sky, I think it comes out as a nice winter afternoon feel. There is a certain time of day here in Normandy during December and January where the sky is golden but the sun is still yet to set, and this seems to capture that.

Edit 3: Hazey Black and White

Edit 3: Hazey Black and White

Black and White is such a versatile and dynamic style for photography. Losing the colours means the eye is drawn to other details, the contrast, texture, and lighting. In this first black and white edit I wanted to give a foggy feel, first thing in the morning walk feel.

Edit 4: Black and White

Edit 4: Black and White

This is a more traditional black and white edit I usually do with the higher contrast. Personally, I don’t like it as much.

Edit 5: All in the masks

Edit 5

I used this last edit as an excuse to try out the new mask settings in the 2022 Lightroom update. Safe to say I like the new update, especially the menu for the masks.

Which one of the edits do you like the best? Leave me a comment below!

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