Easy one-click equestrian edits

Easy one-click equestrian edits. For free? Look no further with this little post full of freebies!

I am so excited to share with you some freebies! This is the first set of commercial presets I have made, so to quote Adele, Go easy on me!

Presets for me are a time saver and a wonderful way to keep my style consistent. Especially when a client wants a certain look!

Easy one-click equestrian edits

Here are 6 presets I’ve made especially for those Equine shots. These are suitable for use with Adobe Lightroom, the Desktop version! The Download file contains 6 XMP files ready to be imported into your library as well instructions.

To add presets to your lightroom library, simply exact the zip folder and Import the presets via File>Import Develop Profiles and Presets…

Et voila! You have your presets ready to go!

I do offer other presets on my store:

Equine Golden Pack

Check out the below “Golden” filters to make your pictures look like they were shot in Golden Hour! These are to add a bit of summer “warmth” to images. Make chestnuts really glow and warm up greys!

The first one focuses on bringing out orange and red tones, balancing harsh greens and flattening shadows.


Golden 2 focuses on creating a summer haze to give the impression of a warm lazy summer afternoon. In the photo below I used the subject mask to bring out the grey and white of this particular horse.


Golden 3 I made for the Bays. Bay horses have such depth in their colouration that can be brought out by a golden filter. Other edits made were simple brightening of the eyes.


Equine Winter Pack

The Winter pack focuses on dark heavy contrast and blue tones. These work best on images with a lot of white negative space on them. Think snowy days or in the examples below, white walls and bright exposure.

Winter 1 flattens out greys and vibrant colours to work on a low saturated high contrast finish

Winter 1

The next preset, Winter 2 is a low-contrast blue filter that works great on darker colours. The shadows are colder than the highlights, with the mid tones also being on the cooler side.

Winter 2

Winter 3 adds a frosty atmosphere to the sky and backgrounds of the photo. I wanted to give the edges that little tinge of cold. The edit in this photo is in the eyes again.

Winter 3

Download me!

Use the link below to download all 6 presets.

Remember that these aren’t quick fixes, just a tool to get you on your way to the finished product!

I am currently taking bookings for shoots and competitions local to me. Feel free to get in touch for information!


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