Spring Colour Palettes

Spring has sprung early, meaning we have the beginnings of new growth and flowers in the garden. Flowers of course bring a multitude of colours, and here is an example of using these colours in your design work. These are my interpretations of Spring Colour Palettes.

Spring Colour Palettes

First I took close-up photos of the flowers I liked most (so far) then loaded them into Adobe illustrator, each with a separate art-board and drew up 5 equal boxes to choose my colours.

Keeping in mind the colour theory and colour harmony I’ve mentioned here, you can draw upon the colours within the image, using the eyedropper tool (I) to build your colours.

Screenshot of 4 artboards and colour palettes in Adobe Illustrator

Example 1: Crocuses in the Shade

Crocuses in the shade

Use a range of colours, shades and hues. Starting chromatically from warm to cool. This palette took several remixes.

I ended up with a gorgeous split complementary palette, from the dark blue of the shade to the vibrant orange and yellow of the flowers.

Example #2: Daffodils in the Sunshine

Daffodils in the Sunshine

The use of such a low aperture in taking these pictures has made making a palette more manageable.

The main focus here is yellow and green. In the colour wheel, these are next to each other making the easy choice of palette to be Analogous, however, I personally felt that to use these colours in a design context would be a little too overwhelming, adding in a grey of the leaves.

Example #3: Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Who doesn’t love fruit trees in the springtime – blossom adding in vibrant pinks and whites to the greens and blues overhead. An easy almost monochromatic palette here, with the exception of a blue accent.

Example #4: Magnolia and Blue Sky

Very much the same as the cherry blossom, just a change of vibrance! I did edit this photo to really bring out the colours as Magnolias are traditionally a paler pink or just plain white. I love how it turned out as a colour palette.

Hopefully, this inspired you to create your own colour palettes from the world around you!


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