An Exciting Update…

To all my readers, friends, and followers,

Over the years this blog platform has been a way to share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. From a project to keep me going through uni and share my photography, it has grown to share with you my travel and lifestyle and be a general home to my rambling brain. From 2020 I tried to make it more of a tailored business-y blog, keeping with categories and stories so everything would function together. All business blog advice says to find your niche and stick at it, but what if you have more than one interest in life and want to share literally everything? Well, that’s where comes in.

I’d like to normalise the ramblings of the everyday, share with the world my life as a millennial living in France, attempt to live her best eco-conscious life with my plethora of animals, interest in a good book, and of course my experience as a designer/photographer.

What does this mean for

Basically, I’m expanding. If there is content you are interested in, stick around for that and ignore the rest. I am also looking to collaborate more! So if you are a blogger, writer, photographer, pigeon lover… get in contact and we can make something wonderful happen.

A big thank you to everyone who has stuck around thus far and I hope to meet more wonderful people via the power of this small corner of the internet in the future!

One response to “An Exciting Update…”

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