You Only Live Thrice: The Superpower of Perspective

Wowee am I STOKED to share with you this book. I laughed, I cried, I sympathised. What an utter treasure of a book! From the first chapter be prepared to be hooked by Karl’s writing style and wit. Without further ado, let’s review this fantastic book: You Only Live Thrice: The Superpower of Perspective.

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Meet the Author

Karl is a bang-average bloke who grew up in Humberston, a small village near Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire but now finds himself living in Bramhall, a similarly small village, south of Manchester.

His educational and early sporting achievements stand out for their lack of being worthy of remark. Something which carried on into early adulthood with his greatest sporting achievement being a second-place go-karting trophy on a stag do.

He currently has absolutely no idea how to describe his occupation but along the way has set up a promotional marketing agency, a property development company, and an event management agency. Only one of these may be still talked about in the present tense.

His playlists rarely leave the 1980s which is reflected in his astonishing dance technique and retention of musical trivia related to the 82-86 era. He doesn’t have a dog, which is mentioned for no other reason than he’d really like one, but as compensation, he does feed his neighbour’s cat. (In addition to them.)

He is married to Karina, who, when both were students, was attracted to his unique interpretation of céili dancing one St Patrick’s night, and who has now saved his life, twice. He promises that, should the opportunity ever arise, he is committed to returning the favour. They have two sons who are legally allowed to have their own families by now but still require feeding, so would appreciate it greatly if you purchased this book.


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The Review

About the book

You Only Live Thrice is a very personal and powerful book that will make you consider the little things in life. Perspective is indeed a superpower. The life experiences shared in this book will put a spotlight on your own mortality and make it do a little dance. The book is a biographical experience of the author who shares all. In a brutally honest fashion, he shares his experience with cardiac problems and death. Then try to put everything back together again, in a pandemic world.

Structure and Story

As I mentioned before the book is biographical, following the emotions and events of Karl’s life. A rollercoaster of highs and lows both mentally and emotionally. It is a powerful insight into the role of a patient. By this, I mean it’s easy to forget the position and bizarre reality of being a patient albeit suddenly or not. From being a seemingly healthy human going about one’s business to suddenly being incapable of walking up a few stairs is, to put it frankly, a traumatic experience. The frustrations capitulated in the writing, the asides really capture everything it is to be an inpatient as well as trying to rebuild life after this reality.

It’s easy to diminish the things in life that are the most important. Health, family, and prosperity. The story Karl shares with us is a nice reminder to not take the good for granted.

The Writing

My dear author, you write in the way my brain thinks: humour, and hope to prop up the cloud of despair. I can understand the writing style is not everyone’s cup of tea. As a brit who lives on dry humour and sarcasm for breakfast, this satiated my appetite. If you are someone who likes the writing style of Adam Kay or Oliver Sacks then add this book to your reading list ASAP!

My Personal Thoughts

I don’t usually go off tangent in a book review post with my own personal thoughts. However, it’s my party and I’ll write it if I want to!

If you are a follower of my blog and have read my story and issues with RA. Then you know about my ins and outs of hospitals internationally with the worst of luck incidents. I relate hard to the patient viewpoint of life crumbling around you and trying to figure out well what now… There have been times when I have felt claustrophobically alone in my experiences. Especially the accident and emergency rush (or ER) incidents. Knowing that there is at least one other person, albeit a different flavour of medical incident, who has the same thoughts and feelings as I have granted me a small piece of peace to the continuously growing jigsaw of my life. So for that, I say thank you for sharing.

My Rating

From the first page, I knew this book would not let me down at being a 5-star read. Congratulations on such an excellent book.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thank you for reaching out to me to review your book Karl! Certainly a book I will be gifting to people this year.

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