This Hockey Pod (Blog edition): 2022 NHL Playoff Predictions

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Looking for expert opinions on what is going to happen in this season’s NHL Playoffs? You have come to the most questionable place for it. Following on from our interesting predictions or prediciwoos as Molly loves to call them, we went full-on to give you our honest thoughts and spicy opinions on this year’s playoff series. Joining us on this wild ride is Channelle’s to be Mr. #1fredrickandersenfan Jesse, spitting facts and figures and of course, the most reasonable of predictions.

I won’t bore you with any stats and figures here, just jump straight into what us hockey fans think!

Round 1: Eastern division

Starting off strong here we have some powerful pairings!

Florida Panthers v Washington Capitals

Channelle: Florida in 6

Jesse: Florida in 5

Molly: Florida in 5

New York Rangers v Pittsburgh Penguins

Channelle: Rangers in 7

Jesse: Rangers in 6

Molly: Rangers in 6

Carolina Hurricanes v Boston Bruins

Channelle: Canes in 6

Jesse: Canes in 6

Molly: Boston in 5

Tampa Bay Lightning v Toronto Maple Leafs

Channelle: Lightning in 7

Jesse: Lightning in 7

Molly: Leafs in 7

Round 1: Western division

We did not see these matchups coming!

Colorado Avalanche v Nashville Predators

Channelle: Colorado in 5

Jesse: Colorado in 6

Molly: Colorado in 6

Minnesota Wild v St. Louis Blues

Channelle: Wild in 7

Jesse: Blues in 6

Molly: Wild in 5

Calgary Flame v Dallas Stars

Channelle: Stars in 6

Jesse: Flames in 5

Molly: Flames in 4

Edmonton Oilers v LA Kings

Channelle: Kings in 6

Jesse: Oilers in 6

Molly: Oilers in 7

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Round 2: Western

Colorado Avalanche v Minnesota Wild

Channelle: Wild in 7

Molly: Colorado in 5

Colorado Avalanche v St. Louis Blues

Jesse: Colorado in 7

Calgary Flames v Edmonton Oilers

Jesse: Flames in 5

Molly: Flames in 6

Dallas Stars v LA Kings

Channelle: Kings in 5

Round 2: Eastern

Florida Panthers v Tampa Bay Lighting

Channelle: Lightning in 7

Jesse: Lightning in 7

Florida Panthers v Toronto Maple Leafs

Molly: Florida in 4

Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers

Jesse: Canes in 5

Channelle: Canes in 6

Boston Bruins v New York Rangers

Molly: Boston in 5

Round 3: Conference Finals

Colorado Avalanche v Calgary Flames

Molly: Colorado in 6

Jesse: Colorado in 6

Minnesota Wild v LA Kings

Channelle: Wild in 4

Carolina Hurricanes v Tampa Bay Lightning

Jesse: Canes in 6

Channelle: Lightning in 6

Boston Bruins v Florida Panthers

Molly: Florida in 7

The Stanley Cup Final

Colorado Avalanche v Florida Panthers

Molly: Colorado in 6

Minnesota Wild v Tampa Bay Lightning

Channelle: Wild in 7

Colorado Avalanche v Carolina Hurricanes

Jesse: Colorado in 6

Not going to lie here, our predictions can be seen as controversial, but remember we are a mix of Leafs and Avs fans so of course, our optimism for our teams differs greatly. In an ideal world, the final would be an Avalanche Leaf’s showdown, our two teams battling for Lord Stanley’s most versatile cup. This may happen, this may not the playoffs always seem to be packed full of surprises and fast hockey. Remember to enjoy, have fun and winning isn’t everything…..

There we have it, our predictions! Do you agree with us? Let us know, we would love to hear from you!
Stay tuned for updates on what’s happening in the NHL via our socials and our weekly podcast.

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