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Instead of waiting until the end of the month to share books I have read, I have decided to jump on the TTT trend or Top Ten Tuesday! Sticking with this week’s equine theme I decided to share with you my Top Ten Equestrian Books.

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Over time I am sure this list is going to change especially with the number of books I have been reading so here is the list of horsey books and series I have read that have made it to my top ten.

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10 Dream Horse Mystery – Candace Carrabus

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Cosy Mysteries with horses, an unhealthy obsession with whipped cream, questionable romance, and a bit of supernatural. Addictive easy reads that will itch the horse girl part of your brain.

9 The Horse Whisperer Nicolas Evans

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I couldn’t not include this novel. The Horse Whisperer is a classic horse book that will appear on every single horsey theme list for sure. Personally it is not a highly rated read of mine, but still a tear-jerker.

8 Riding Lesson – Sarah Gruen

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Life is a drama on its own without the input of dangerous passions. Throw in a life-changing accident, family tension, and a rebellious teenager and you have this novel. A beautifully written book that echos the highs and lows of life.

7 The Head and Not the Heart – Natalie Keller-Reinert

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Warning: this author is addictive and has multiple books in the same book universe so be prepared to lose yourself to Ocala and New York. The first in a series, this novel is a great commentary on relationships, horsemanship, and finding your feet.

6 National Velvet – Enid Bagnold

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If you did not read this growing up, then you must read it! A rag to riches-esque story that every little girl dreams of!

5 Polo – Jilly Cooper

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The Rutshire Chronicles is another series that will eat away your free time. Not all of them are horsey, but they do give insight into what life is like in the small quaint villages of the home counties. Polo is one such book, but with an emphasis on Polo.

4 Where the Blue Grass Grows – Laura Berglie

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Horses and Romance, clear a cut story with enough highs and lows to keep you gripped. There are enough technical horsey things to keep you interested, but not too much for people who aren’t equestrians to be totally lost.

3 The Eventing series – Natalie Keller-Reinert

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Part of the slippery slope Ocala eventing world I mentioned earlier, this series follows an individual as they navigate the highs and lows of the horse world, and they are both very high and very low.

2 War Horse – Micheal Morpurgo

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This book will make you cry. In this book, you follow the perspective of a warhorse and their experience of the First World War. A powerful read and a beautiful insight into how life was during the great war.

1 Black Beauty – Anna Sewell

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The queen of horse books, Black Beauty may not be the most modern of books, but is an important read for animal lovers out there. The first book to cause a stir within animal rights, add this iconic novel to your list. Some vocabulary is outdated in the original versions, but being written in the 1800s, it’s something to be expected.

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