Appaloosa Summer a Review

Another horsey book post! I am overwhelmed by the response and love I have received on the Goodreads horse community! Thank you, everyone. I will be amending my last top ten post to accommodate these authors for sure. Thank you Tudor Robins for a copy of Appaloosa Summer.

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Meet the Author

TUDOR ROBINS is the author of books that move your heart, mind, and pulse.

A little piece of Tudor’s own heart is in many places: the central-Ottawa neighborhood where she lives, the Gatineau hills and Eastern Ontario countryside where she loves to hike, Wolfe Island and the St. Lawrence River where she loves swimming and paddleboarding, and the university towns that are currently home to her children.

When she’s not writing, Tudor rides, runs, quilts, and walks with her best friends and her Jack Russell / Potcake mix, Cara.

Please contact Tudor at!

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The Review

Appaloosa Summer is the first of a series. I repeat a series!

The Plot

16-year-old Meg suffers a tragic disaster during a show, where her brave thoroughbred drops dead mid-jump leaving her grieving for the first time and her summer now free and open. She ends up taking up work at a friend’s B&B on an island, a change of scenery, a job, and the possibility to overcome her suffocating grief.

Jared, an islander and cattle farmer knows loss after recently losing his father in a tragic accident. after chance brings Jared and Meg together, that and a dusty old appaloosa, both of their summers end up completely different from what they could have imagined.

The Characters and Story

The story is a mix of equestrian and romance, so pretty much a perfect mix for an easy lazy summer read. Having said that I finished it in a day. Meg is a likable character and after her tragic introduction, you do really feel for her and her loss. But she is also a teenager and it shows. If anything she seems too nice for a 16-year-old, but it is nice to not have many frustrating aspects to her character. Her best friend Slate is also a typical teen, this time swapping horses for college, coffee, and boys.

The islander’s characters are so believable small-town Ontarians it makes me miss Ottawa! The big family community feels with big BBQs and the working with each other is nice feel-good vibes.

The Writing

“I fill my lungs with the scent of lightning-born ozone, and cool air pushing out the heat, and the earth, opening up, releasing everything that’s been baked into it by the searing sun. Dirt. Life. Country. Summer.” 

Appaloosa Summer -Tudor Robins

A mixture of easy conversation and beautiful description takes you into Eastern Ontario summer. Those who know the area will feel at home with the writing and those, like me, who have only lived briefly there are transported back.

The romantic side is nothing too steamy but electric enough to keep you invested in Meg and Jared’s relationship.



Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Again big thanks to Tudor for sharing your work with me!


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