The Sunset Preset you Must Have!

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Landscape photography is pretty much my go-to at the moment. But somehow I always seem to miss the sunset when I have my camera! It doesn’t help that sunset falls past 21:00 here for sure, so I decided to create an art filter to make my landscapes a little more like summer evenings.

Below are 3 examples of the use of this preset from the RAW file to the added sunset preset. The .XMP file is below for you to download and use for your own photos on Adobe Lightroom.

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The main aim of this preset is to take the sunset light of the sky and match the warm glow on the landscape.

You may have to use a mask adjustment if you feel the warmer colours are distorting the original colour palette.

If there is a certain style you are looking for, let me know in the comments and I will create the vibe for you.

As always thanks for your support!


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