I Caught Covid

As soon as I get on top of working freelance and getting into a routine, something happens. This time it was what I have been avoiding desperately for the past two years…But I Caught Covid.

Covid 19

It has been just over two years since the headlines first broke the news about the new mysterious SARS virus. It has swept it’s way across Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. At first, people believed it to be a mere epidemic, localised to that region. But it soon changed status from epidemic to global pandemic. Back in 2020, the world seemed to freeze, as people remained indoors, hidden away from the invisible killer.

Since then the severity of it all has changed. Not just the lethality of the virus, with each mutation the virus has become more contagious, yet in doing so because less deadly. This has made the general populous believe it is nothing more than a common cold. Everyone gets it so why bother taking precautions?

Masking up in public is becoming more and more of an afterthought, and hand sanitizer in shops is being ignored more and more often. The mentality of “I’m vaccinated” or “I’ve already had it – it doesn’t affect me” becoming more and more frequent in social groups. I am glad people are getting vaccinated, getting the booster, and being responsible this way, but it is not a magical barrier to prevent you or others from getting sick.

Personally, I have been vaccinated. It took me longer than the average person to get vaccinated as the information on the vaccine presented to me was unclear. Those who know me and follow me know I have auto-immune problems. One of these is the inability to have certain vaccines without essentially making myself incredibly sick. That being said, the Pfizer vaccine did knock me out for a few days after each dose. And that’s from a vaccine that I could have. Definitely set the tone of what getting Covid would potentially do.

So why this post- I Caught Covid?

I guess it is more of a gripe than anything else. And a plea for people to remember that even though it’s not as severe, there are people who can still get very sick.

The problem is greater than just Covid-19. Being someone of compromised auto-immunity, the threat of getting sick due to others has always been a prominent issue. During my time in Ottawa, there were outbreaks of other infectious diseases that were reported in the local news. The reports asked people to remain vigilant and aware of those who are more susceptible. I remember thinking then that I needed to take extra precautions.

Back to Covid. As a sick person, I have collected several diseases in what I like to call the auto-immune Bingo. By this I mean that once you have one “flavour” of sick. There is nothing stopping from your body being greedy and collecting other “flavours.” My main concern with having Covid is it may develop into pneumonia or cause other parts of my body to become infected.

I am recovering slowly. It’s been about two weeks now since my positive test and I am still finding life very difficult. I no longer look ill which is a bonus, but every slight activity leaves me in a post-marathon state. Let’s hope this doesn’t last as with most people who are ill like me, we do not have time for it!

Anyway, thanks for reading my post on this topic and I wish you good health!!

Oh and just because it isn’t enforced as much PLEASE wash your hands!!

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