Make Your Photos Vintage!

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With the early 2000s coming back into fashion, I as a millennial am quaking in my boots. Nothing terrifies me more than the thought of low-rise jeans coming back into fashion, especially after living through the torment of emaciated fashion. So to celebrate I am going further back in time and sharing with you dear reader my new vintage presets!

Having found some expired film I got to thinking about what would this look like, so after doing some research I decided to make my own presets to replicate what expired kodak, fuji film, and some 125mm silver film would look like.

1 – Kodak Gold

“1960s gold” preset on a photo from an old photoshoot

Kodak Gold has a higher and warmer saturation than most 35mm films. All presets come with lens corrections.

2 – Faded Film

“Faded Film – Black and White”

From shooting 125mm silver film, the result is usually beautiful. A nice contrast between light and dark, with a bit of noise. That’s mainly due to shooting a low ISO film in darker conditions.

3 – Faded Film Colour

Faded Colour Film preset

While going through old family photos, I noticed a certain style of 125mm square photos that had a lot of noise, grain, and fade to them and absolutely loved the style. It works so well with landscapes as well as portratis!

To get these presets and 3 more, click the link below!


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