Photoshoot with Tonia

Fewer posts mean I have been incredibly busy! If you missed the last snapshot post of my time in Northumberland, check it out here, if you have, scroll down and enjoy some of my favourite snapshots from my photoshoot with Tonia!

Natural light photoshoots are arguably my favourite type of shoot. Not only due to the fact it is normally easier to set up but there is so much more versatility in where you shoot. That and the natural light, highlights, and shadows always seem to do magical mystical things.

Meet Tonia. She is a Ukrainian folk musician in her early 20s who is taking France by storm. She is a very talented young musician and singer, and I am so glad I have the opportunity to help promote her music and talent via photography.

If you are looking for a shoot similar to my photoshoot with Tonia, get in touch!

I am currently taking bookings for shoots local to me (up to 80km) so feel free to get in touch for information!


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