An Introduction to Editing Fine Art Equestrian Photos

Always wanted to create gorgeous fine art photos of horses but never know where to begin? Welcome to my introduction to editing fine art equestrian photos. Note this page is not a tutorial.

Kristalline, model for Edit Fine Art Equestrian

Editing Fine Art Equestrian Images

Fine Art Photography edits are becoming increasingly popular. With the constant updates to editing software such as Adobe Creative Suite, it is getting easier to create fine edits of all subjects!

The objective when taking the photo to later create the edit is to encapsulate the subject. In doing so with equine friends remember the following:

  • Lighting – is the subject in a flattering light?
  • Ears – are they forward or do you have enough photos to edit in forward ears?
  • Legs – is the subject standing square or square enough to edit square?
  • Facial expression
  • Note any blemishes, cuts etc.

For Lighting, I like to use the front of a stable block for natural light on the subject and using the naturally darker barn to be an easy background to remove. Avoid having light sources behind the subject.

You can use any photo to create a “fine art” inspired edit

Equipment I Use

To get the best dynamic range and colour spacing, I use my full-frame camera. However, you can use any camera as long as you are shooting in RAW format.

For the majority of my photos I use Canon. Specifically 6d and 6dii paired with L series lenses.

If lighting is poor I do have a portable lighting kit and light reflector/diffuser but I have only had to use these once.

*Be aware that horses may not take kindly to weird new props such as standing lights and reflectors!*


I use Adobe Creative Suite for all my creative work. For photography editing I use Lightroom and Photoshop predominantly. The most recent updates in both of these programs have made editing so much more easier!

screenshot of lightroom editing in process
Adobe Lightroom editing in process…

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