Why Visit La Fosse Arthour?

August has flown by. Plenty of warm days for adventures in the local area. This week I visited a local magical point of interest, but why should you Visit La Fosse Arthour?


To say I am obsessed with where I live is an understatement. There is so much variety in terms of landscape, wildlife, and things to do that it’s sometimes hard to believe I get to live here.

I have posted before of La Fosse Arthour, back in 2020, and two years on it is as stunning and tranquil as always. You can visit La Fosse Arthour all year round. There is lots of parking available around the lake, as well as the auberge that provides amazing food and drink.

The area is a site of natural beauty and a site of activity. There are two circular walks, as well as facilities for fishing and climbing. This is a favourite spot for dog walking too!


As the area is part of the regional park, expect to see wildlife! From wild boar to deer, waterbirds to songbirds, there is a wealth of fauna. As the area is varied with forest, lake, river ad rocky outcrops, there is a huge variety in a small area.

I am currently taking bookings for shoots local to me (up to 80km) so feel free to get in touch for information!


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