Autumn Fall Presets!

Looking for free presets to enhance your photos?
Check out my free last free preset post and The Cosy Beach Preset

Summer turns to Autumn, or Fall for the people across the pond. This means aesthetic coffee pics, selfies with maple trees, pumpkin carving, and fresh morning walks. Share your autumn with an added punch of orange or some spooky Black and White vibes!

These are a set of 9 Autumnal, Halloween inspired presets – available on my Etsy store for 1.20 (euro).

To add presets to your lightroom library, simply exact the zip folder and Import the presets via File>Import Develop Profiles and Presets…

For extracting the zip folder on an iPad, you will need to download an app for this capability or extract it on a computer to move back over to your tablet.

Et voila! You have your presets ready to go!

I will be sharing all my hot drink experiments as well as all the goodies my garden has grown this year. Even though there has been an awful drought, we have an abundance of apples, cucumbers, squash and tomatoes. So I am looking forward to all the recipes that come with the veggies. Of course this did inspire my preset collection. Along with retro halloween posters and prints courtesy of pintrest. I would be lost without it!

With this set of presets, I have included adjustments of exposure on each one making it even easier to edit your photos with Adobe Lightroom.

Try out this freebie before you commit to buying!

examples of the preset
Examples of photos with the presets applied

Please note that all the images are edited from canon raw files and exported to jpeg. Results for jpeg images may vary.

If you are looking for more presets, find my other sets here:

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To get these presets and more, click the link below!


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