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CSO photography or showjumping to my anglophone friends is one of my favourite sports to watch and capture. It is only second to dressage, which you can find some examples of here in my last event post!

A small peak into my day out with the team in Gavray, Manche. For another competition, but this time we were not blessed with great weather. All photographers will tell you rain is not a friend. But it can be the reason for some amazing shots.

I will post a more comprehensive post on the basics of Equestrian photography, find my other posts on the topic here!


Camera body: Canon 6Dmarkii, Canon 6D
Lenses: Canon 70-200mm f/4.0, Canon L 24-105mm f/4.0


If you have a basic understanding of the Exposure Triangle, you will know that outdoor photography is very much weather-dependent.

November mist, rain, sun, and deluge really test the patience. Lucky with my weather-sealed and weather-proofed equipment, I was ready for whatever the sky wanted to throw at me. Keep in mind this is CSO photography. This does mean moving on from Manual (M) mode to Shutter Priority (Tv or S) to ensure I could move with the ever-changing lighting.

ISO limited 2000

I am currently taking bookings for shoots local to me (up to 80km) so feel free to get in touch for information!


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