My Favourite Photos of 2022

Happy end of the year! Another 365 days have passed, meaning it is time to share the highlights of 2022. Personally, this year has been a year of expansion, a year of building confidence, and a year of many photos. So, here are my favourite photos of 2022

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Favourite Landscapes and Walking Spot Photos

This year I was fortunate to visit lots of local spots, as well as go to the UK, visiting Northumberland, Scotland and Shetland. Travel has always been a passion of mine, hoping to add more destinations to the list in the coming years, as well as more creative photography!

The list for 2023 already has more local destinations, as well as Canada and Germany, so fingers-crossed these can all go to plan.

Favourite Portraits

Being able to work with so many awesome people has been a blessing. Let’s hope 2023 can bring the same amount of connections! The main challenge for 2023 is to work proficiently with my new portable studio, both with people and animals.

Favourite Equestrian Photos

This year’s main focus has been on equine photography and expanding my business here in Normandy. It’s been an incredible time with the HDLB and HDP team, and I look forward to working with them more next year! Being able to work both in competition, training and casual settings have been a joy.

I am open for bookings! Please contact me for more details on how to book your shoot (Uk and Europe) for 2023!

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