The Best Black and White Equestrian Preset!

Looking for a preset to enhance your photos? How about a preset bundle? Find my latest creations in my store here.

Staying creative in your niche can be tricky. Having the same aesthetic for each photo can get a bit boring after a while for both yourself and your clients, so why not try something completely different? Sometimes it is easy to rely on the same preset to edit photos over and over again….

I suggest having a go at black-and-white editing! You can find a set of 12 fully made presets here:

12 ready-to-use lightroom presets for desktop and mobile – available on my store.

Using presets like this can help you with your post-production learning experience, taking what others have done and making it your own!

To add presets to your lightroom library, simply exact the zip folder and Import the presets via File>Import Develop Profiles and Presets…

For extracting the zip folder on an iPad, you will need to download an app for this capability or extract it on a computer to move back over to your tablet.

Et voila! You have your presets ready to go!

black and white adobe lightroom preset for equestrian sport examples.

The presets are made with the different colour coats in mind, as well as looking at different details.

Please note that all the images are edited from canon raw files and exported to jpeg. Results for jpeg images may vary.

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To get these presets and more, click the link below!

black and white adobe lightroom preset for equestrian sport examples.
Examples of photos with the presets applied


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