Gold Leaf Photo Shoot

Christmas is coming, with all the glitter and lights, so it’s time to get prepared for the season! In this post, I’ll talk about gold leaf photo shoot. But any metallic contact paper works for these results.

Thanks to the model Satri Sun for these images!

What You Need

In these fun creative shoots, as the client there is not much needed from your end. I provide the glitter, the wax for application, and the lights.

To ensure the shoot runs smoothly please ensure the following:

  • The horse is clean and groomed
  • All accessories you want to use (headcollars, bridles, etc.) are ready and clean
  • The area for the photo shoot is tidy
  • Let me know any fears or complications upfront. (For instance, the horse kicks or does not like his or her face being touched.)

That and of course, if you wish to be in photos, neutral coloured clothing, and a smile.

What to Expect

As mentioned, I bring the gold or silver lead and applicator. As a professional, I respect your wishes as well as the horses, so if a horse does not like me or the process – I will take a step back! There is no fixed time for the gold leaf photo shoot.

During and after the shoot expect

  • Have fun with your horse!
  • Direction from the photographer, it is a conversation so speak up if you have a vision in mind!
  • At least 5 HD digital photos to use as you wish


Shoots start from 45 euros plus travel costs. If you wish to have more images or prints, there are further costs:

  • 5-10 digital photos + 15€
  • 2 * A5 print + 10€
  • A4 print + 14€
  • 10+ digital photos and 6 A5 (or 3 A4 prints) +30€

Any questions, or wish to book – please contact me!

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