Animation projects for me are mainly created in Adobe Creative suite, usually with asset creation in Illustrator, and then depending on the project and interactivity, finalised in either Animate or After Effects. 

When it comes to an animation, I like to draw out a few scenes like a brief sketchy storyboard before creating my assets in Adobe Illustrator and bringing them to life.

Example Introduction to a Web-coding series

Kinetic Typography


Kinetic Infographic – Tanks of World War 2


Adobe Animate “Game”

Click here to download my Rat Game

Premise of this fun little actionscript game is to get “Wiggles” the Rat out of my kitchen ceiling. At the time of this creation, I did indeed have a rat in the kitchen ceiling and no matter how hard we tried to get it with traps and cats, he didn’t leave for a whole 3 months. Safe to say the kitchen is now free from “Wiggles” and so is my actionscript.