Sports Photography Netball Edition

Sports Season is back! Heading back inside with the onset of rain, wind, and cold brings new and exciting challenges to me as a photographer. Luckily I can move indoors, this time with my Sports Photography Netball Edition.

Last week I photographed my first BUCS Netball game. From not playing netball since maybe my early teen years the sport is a little dusty in my memory. Netball is an intense, high-paced game that can go from super speedy passes down the court to slower shots at the net that took a while for me to get used to. Luckily for me the game is quite repetitive and measured in its rules as well as the aim being quite simple of scoring through a net.

Sports Photography Netball Edition


Canon 6D

70-200mm f/2.8

netball match indoors between Aberystwyth and Chester


The challenges I faced with the Sports Cage however were not with the pace of the game but more with the color of the walls. With outdoor photography, you have to worry about having distractions in the background of vibrant colors of banners or unattractive lines of cars and housing. Inside the Sports cage, the walls are a block shade of light green or blue. Getting a good color balance of the green and blue walls and the fluorescent lights for me was more of a challenge than keeping up with the ball. Something I wouldn’t normally give a second look!

netball match indoors between Aberystwyth and Chester

I still enjoyed myself and will definitely consider going to another match to improve my own reaction time and knowledge of the game.


Keep in mind it is a fast sport, keeping a shutter speed over 1/250, you should be ok. My settings were:

ISO 1600+

To understand more about the settings function, click here to see my post on the exposure triangle.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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