Summertime Unfitness

Getting back into the university routine means getting my study on, sitting in the library watching the rain out of the window, and of course, getting back into the sports training routine. As summer saw no activity leading to my Summertime Unfitness.

My fantastic timetable is made up of 3 hours a week, this gives me more than enough time to plan my photography, eating habits, study, and of course sports. As a keen believer in relaxing all summer, my fitness level is currently that of a Greggs sausage roll. After a couple of weeks, however, I feel the sausage roll pouch that I grew over the summer has started to disappear.

This may be due to a combination of things including the 8+ hours of exercise now within my timetable, my questionable pescatarian diet, and my healthier sleeping routine. Being not the most athletic of people, my main sport being archery, cardio is not my strong point so having intense warm-ups of jumping, running and dynamic stretching leaves me as breathless as a fish out of the water and with the muscle integrity of a blancmange.

Although as much is a surprise to anyone I haven’t lost most of my flexibility. This has started to get better already and hopefully with the amount of planned cardio I have will be a distant memory by the end of November. (Famous Last Words).

archery target for Summertime Unfitness


Getting back into archery after a summer off, and the last few shoots being primarily outdoors at 50/60 yards, bringing the compound indoors at a shorter distance shouldn’t be too hard right? My groupings aren’t as fantastic as at the end of last year and my back feels betrayed from the long break it had, but looking on the up I have a few weeks until my first indoor competition of the season, being a FITA 25 before I go back to basics and break out the barebow for the Barebow championships at the end of November.

The new term means a new intake of beginners as well within the Archery Club which, as a committee member means coaching. Personally, I think my way of coaching puts people off the sport as I’m not exactly the friendliest of people with strangers… But fingers crossed that my methodology helps find some new talent!

Anyway, It’s back to the student life of reading, studying, and procrastinating by eating chicken (it’s a fish really) and attending what little lectures I have!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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