Starling Murmurations in Aberystwyth

Every year Aberystwyth is graced with the presence of thousands of starlings bringing noise, poop, and beautiful evening displays. This Phenomenon is only during the Autumn and Winter Months when flocks of birds come down from the countryside to roost under the Victorian pier at night. These are known as Starling Murmurations.


Starling Murmurations

It’s a common sight for a local in Aber to see the waves on waves of starlings take the sky. As well as seeing the numerous camera-laden individuals all trying to capture the beautiful clouds the birds create. Murmurs as they are called are the starling’s defensive mechanism to stay safe from predators. Usually, as they take to their roost, a lot like tuna fish swimming in tight circles as a shoal.


It’s a great spectacle to go out at photo. Be wary that the thousands of birds mean the chance of being pooped upon is much larger than usual. Especially with the seagulls and rooks that join the swarms and mob the smaller birds.

To get the one photo though, you need to go out for more than a single evening to get the perfect balance of birds, sky, and sea.

Starling Murmurations

Again as always the case! It’s trial and error, just as long as you enjoy yourself.


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