Mime by Chrissey Harrison

Since my last review, I have been busy working on projects and taking time to find indie authors (mainly on Twitter) and I got such an overwhelming response! Thank you to everyone who linked me to their books. My first read of this long list of the Twitter writing community, is a supernatural, detective horror: Mime by Chrissey Harrison

Chrissey Harrison describes herself as “a wearer of many hats. Metaphorical hats, that is, not so many real hats. Although sometimes real hats. At the moment I mostly wear my writer hat, my designer, and my crafter hat.” This can be seen in her writing, especially in the characters. Chrissey is predominantly a writer of supernatural thrillers and other spec genre fiction. She is also the proud owner of an 18-year-old goldfish called Ambition, something I am astounded by seeing as my goldfish never lasted more than 5. (RIP all my fishy friends).

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Mime by Chrissey Harrison

At first glance at the cover, I was getting some serious “It” vibes with the creepy cover, but after reading the first few pages I was delighted to find a writing style that did not reflect my Stephen King preconceptions. (This is not a bad thing in any way as I am not a big fan of King’s writing style!) In books, like with films, I don’t watch trailers or read the blurb as I like to go into a book with no preconceptions. Trying to avoid the cover however is a problem, the same with film posters so I let myself have that one. I had no idea of the plot, characters or themes of the book when I started to read and I am so glad I made that decision.

The Review

Mime looks like it is going to be the first book of a killer series. I mean that in both terms of the word. Usually, I am not a fan of a book flipping from different perspectives, but the way this is written with both characters being almost on the same plotline makes it more of an insight into each character’s mind rather than a flip-flop about a complex world. The characters are very unique meaning that you can follow them with ease and get engrossed quickly. The story did not take long to start, something I love in a book. There is nothing worse than waiting around for 100 pages waiting for something of interest to happen. Straight in there with what’s happening and the weird. 

In terms of the three “Cs” in the thriller genre: the contract, the clock, and the crucible, I feel this book checks all three. I want to go into more detail but I don’t want to give too many spoilers away, so if you don’t want spoilers, look away now!

The Contract

In the first few pages, we are confronted by a very strange death, the introduction of one of our lead characters Eliot Cross and an intriguing dip into his past. It sets the contract of our leaders to find out what is causing these strange “supernatural” deaths. It quickly leads Eliot and his employee Samantha to a demonic mime, which leads us to the second C.

The Clock

The mime is killing people in a way that forces the dynamic duo of weird news to act fast to find a way to stop him. This is done with the increased number of impossible murders and the need to find demon hunter Gabriel Cushing. No small feat.

The Crucible

Finally, the last C is portrayed in several ways. The primary way is the fact the demonic mime is hunting them down, able to kill them at any turn. Another factor is the relationship Eliot and Sam share. It is a strained friendship, the feeling that there may be something there, but due to the nature of the plot it’s not the right time. 

Other Things that are good…

The characters are all very unique and human. There is nothing that isn’t possible for the characters to be real people. They have interesting traits, talents, and flaws and are not stereotypes! The book has a very satisfying ending. Returning to many of the characters for some sort of closure and also with a nice epilogue of sorts eluding to a second book.

Thank you Chrissy for sharing your wonderful work with me!

Overall I would rate this book 5/5. It is a great read so add it to your fall reading list!

Note : 5 sur 5.

I look forward to reading more from the Twitter writing community. Until then, have a fantastic day!


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